To respond to a specific demand, this private class invites you to learn about yourself, to discover your true colours, the best textures adapted to your complexion and to highlight your beauty. Open to women who prefer an individual approach. 2 hours or 2X2 or 3X2 hours with pictures

2 hours makeup lessons

-10% from Monday to Friday, full price on evenings & Saturdays

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2X2 & 3X2 hours makeup lessons

-15% from Monday to Friday, full price on evenings & Saturdays

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Aurélie avant-après maquillage naturel, avec maquillage sophistiqué et glamour.

  1. diagnostic colours & morphologie, makeup natural
  2. corrections of 1, sophisticated makeup
  3. corrections of 2, fashion / wedding / glamourous or stage makeup


Cathy Wagner Paris Contact : + 33 6 07 35 10 80 or send an email